A message from the author

I really surprised myself during treatment in that writing became my companion. There is a lot to process; new words, yo-yoing emotions and physical changes. This book of poems is a culmination of expressions written both in the small hours of the morning and during the day. I hope it helps provide some insight into breast cancer. Most importantly, I hope it acts as a trigger to encourage others to write down their feelings, frustrations, hopes, tears and dreams.

This book has been specifically designed to write in. Please scribble in it. When it is difficult to talk, I'm encouraging you to write...

My first adaptation that inspired this book;

It's the day before the mastectomy when all through the house

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

The decorations are up bringing a festive glow

There will be lots of laughter and the hope of ho ho ho.

As Avril got up to enjoy the day

a small pang of emotion will bring her to pray

Then she'll go about her life as if nothing will happen

Buy presents, write cards and finish the wrapping

The day will appear soon enough

Small adjustments will be made as easy as a puff

She'll come round on the bed all confused and tired

With a drain, a bandage and the success as desired

The following days will be a strain

The temporary loss of one arm will feel like a drain

Her new shape might look funny and a little bit odd

But the cancer will be gone so all will give the nod

And they'll gather round the Christmas table all merry with feelings high

eating succulent turkey with no sign of a sigh

Father Christmas if you can hear me now

I look forward to my new self, can we just limit the ow.

Sadly my publishers were impacted by the pandemic. New stock can be found through ebay. Click here to read the 5 out of 5 reviews on Amazon from 12 people, take care, Avril